There are numerous objects polluted by waste in direct contact to underground waters which are connected to the sources of drinking water. The improvement of these objects will considerably reduce the risk of pollution of underground waters and drinking water sources.

Many of these objects are unapproachable to speleologists because the entrance is covered with waste. Cleaning the waste will enable their free access and a possibility to enjoy their natural beauty.

Therefore, within the framework of the project entitled “Underground Istria” speleologists selected nine sites which in their opinion were most endangered by waste. Speleologists from speleological societies SDI Pazin of Pazin, SD Proteus of Poreč and SK Had of Vrsar participated in the cleaning up of these objects.

The project provided for all the necessary equipment in order to carry out the cleaning. The equipment included: a crane and a generator, special portable construction for the crane, 12 sets of speleological equipment, lights and other accompanying equipment. The Perfect of the Istrian County Mr. Ivan Jakovčić personally delivered the equipment in Poreč on 14 May 2008.


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The project lasted for a year and in that period the following objects were cleaned up:

Pazinska jama, Jama Polje near Katun Lindarski in the municipality of Žminj, Brečevska jama in Tinjan, Jamorina in Pazin, Ponor (abyss) near  Stancija Vergotini as well as Jama near Štifanići in the vicinity of Baderna, Jama near Radoši in the vicinity of Višnjan, Jama Golubink near Kloštar and Dvori near the village of the same name in the vicinity of Poreč.

After the cleaning of speleological objects was successfully completed, the sign was placed at each location indicating that the disposal of waste is prohibited at this site with imprinted photographs of the interior of caves and pits as well as the photographs of the clean up of that object.