This project has established the Cadastre of Speleological Objects in Istria that will be kept up-to-date by the Department of Environmental Protection and Natura Histrica responsible for the management of protected areas in Istria.

Necessary equipment (computers and GIS applications Arc View 9.2) has been supplied for the purposes of keeping the Cadastre up-to-date. It has been created in GIS technology, that is, the Geography Information System (GIS), which is a system for collecting, storing, processing, analysis and display of real data. From the point of view of informatics, it is necessary to programme and design the layout of the GIS base, that is, define the form and type of data collected in the database.

The establishment of the GIS system with the rich database about the exact locations, toponymy, dimensions and data about biodiversity and other natural values of underground karst ecosystems, has consolidated the knowledge about them, which has provided the basis for continuous monitoring and the establishment of "real protection " in Istria.

Besides workshops, whose aim was to educate and increase the awareness of population, within the framework of the project two Istrian County’s employees and one Natura Histrica’s employee have been educated to keep the Cadastre of Speleological Objects in Istria. Courses dealing with GIS technology were held by the GIS Data Company Ltd. in Zagreb.

Photographs from the course