Documentary about "Underground Istria" project

The aim of the project team was to make a documentary film about speleological objects in Istria in order to show their beauties and to emphasize the need for their adequate protection. Besides, this film was planned to show all activities of the project, so that it could be used later for promotional purposes when applying for new cross-border cooperation projects concerned with the protection of karst and Istrian underground. 

During the project implementation we filmed over 10 hours of video material that took six months to montage. Filming was often extremely demanding, because the authors were required to descend into more then 50 meters deep speleological objects with full film equipment.

The most attractive shots are those from cleaning actions, in which Istrian speleologists during exhausting all day activities, were engaged in physically demanding tasks of waste extraction from deep caves and holes. By presenting this material at various workshops and lectures, we have pointed to citizens’ irresponsible behaviour, whose disposal of waste in underground karst directly affects the quality of drinking water in Istria!

The film which was made by Marko Račan (video production Artimi from Pula), was for the first time shown in public on 5 May 2009 at the Open University of Rovinj as part of the "European Week" in the Istrian County.

There are 300 copies of the film intended for a free distribution. The entire film may be seen here, and if you want it in a DVD format, please get in touch with:

Region of Istria, 

Department of Sustainable Development, 

Department of Environmental Protection, 

Flanatička 29,  52100 Pula, 


Surveys of valorisation of speleological objects in Istria

All speleological objects are protected by the Protection of Nature Act and property of the Republic of Croatia and as objects of exceptional natural value they are subject to its special protection. Due to the lack of data about their exact locations and condition, their protection still appears to have no other effect besides the declarative one. In the course of the project, nine exceptionally valuable objects were chosen as subject of their respective evaluation studies. The abstracts of these studies are accessible here and their full versions are kept by Natura Histrica.

Abstracts of evaluation studies

Speleological exploration in Istria

Here you can download published scientific papers about speleology in Istria as well as other useful materials related to speleology like “ A Lexicon of Speleological and Karst Terminology”, etc. You can also download a printed catalogue of cave pselafinae including two endemic sorts from Istria: Gasparobythus i Pauperobythus and other Istrian endemic sorts.

Promotive materials

2000 leaflets in Croatian language and 2000 leaflets in English language were printed in order to promote the project. They were distributed to all tourist offices in the Istra County, speleological clubs, workshops’ participants, project partners and associates in Croatia and Slovenia, pupils of secondary schools who participated in the project, etc.

Besides the creation of the website and upon project termination a 30-minute documentary will be released dealing with the project and its activities and results.

Presentation of project activities in media

Video, audio and textual contents published or broadcast in media may be downloaded at Press clipping.